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Change your child's heart for God with daily adorations

This free adoration devotional from Sara Hagerty, author of Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, offers parents and their kids thirty days of adorations and a free printable of adoration scriptures and prayer prompts.

What is Adoration? It’s simply inhaling God’s word and exhaling praise. It’s the practice of taking a passage of scripture that declares a truth about God, and speaking those words back to Him in your own words. Download the free eBook and adoration printable to learn more!

To begin your FREE download, click on the image or button below. We pray that you and your children are blessed by this resource from Sara Hagerty, author of Every Bitter Thing is Sweet.

There's no better time than now to start the daily practice of adoration!

“The more you adore Him, the more you really know Him. And it will change you and your children. He will change you.”

How does adoration work?

As Sara writes on her blog… “Pick one verse, using the free devotional as a guide, that declares a truth of who God is, and stay there. Say it back to Him, once or twice… Linger. Let your heart absorb the words you are speaking… If you and your children enjoy singing, sing it back. Set it to music. Or draw it. If you’re like me and writing unlocks your heart, give yourself 200 words to write on just that one phrase. No asks, no pleas, just simply telling God how great He is. And then asking Him to remind you how that greatness has already taken shape in your life before you.”