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Get Unstuck and Move Forward 

With Passion & Purpose

Join the free Bible study by Christine Caine and receive free access to 5 study videos and other Bible study resources when you sign up!

Get Unstuck and Move Forward 

With Passion & Purpose

Join the free Bible study by Christine Caine and receive free access to 5 study videos and other Bible study resources when you sign up!

Following Jesus Through the Holy Land

A six-session video Bible study by Max Lucado

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How do you trust God when you don't know all of the details?

Have you been there? Have you prayed or cried out - How long, Lord?

How long will my trials last? 

How long until you answer my prayers?

When will this pass? 

When will you reveal your plans for my future?

In The God of the How and When, the first in a four-part video Bible study series companion to the 2022 bestseller The God of the Way, we'll join Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel for a journey into God's Word and the stories of Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Joshua, and Mary - five heroes of the faith who were called to wait on God. 

By studying their stories, we'll learn how to trust that the God of the How and When will fulfill his promises, and how, we, too, can step out in faith and obedience even when the future is uncertain.   

Let's kick off the New Year leaving the past behind us and looking forward to what the Lord has in store!

“Remember Lot’s wife.” Of all the women in the Bible, why did Jesus tell us to remember her [Luke 17:32]?

Looking back doesn't enable us to go back. More often than not, it just makes us stuck. In a place. In a space. In a memory. In a mindset. In a bad habit. How often have you found yourself stuck looking back, desperate to make time stand still or to go back to the way things were?

You’re invited to the Don't Look Back Online Bible Study with Christine Caine, who inspires us to move on from where we are to where God wants us to be. Together, we'll dive deep into Scripture to study the meaning behind Jesus’ command in Luke 17:32, as well as other stories of people in the Bible who were not limited by their circumstances and pasts, but instead put their faith and trust in God as they stepped into his plans, purposes and promises for their lives.

Let this be your year to not look back, but to trust Jesus with our future and to boldly follow him into the opportunities and plans we simply don’t yet see.

We hope you'll join us!


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What are we studying?

Get ready to be inspired and encouraged to keep moving forward into the plans and purposes God has for you! Each session is rich with inspiring Bible teaching from best-selling author and speaker Christine Caine.

Session 1: Where You Look, You Will Go

Lot's wife reminds us if we look back at the things God has finished we will get stuck in places that we should only be passing through (Genesis 15).

Session 2: Knowing We Are Children of the King

You can keep moving forward in the knowledge that you are a beloved child of God (Galatians 4:1-7).

Session 3: Going Again for the Promises of God

Like Elijah, sometimes we must persist in prayer and not give up, even when it looks like nothing is happening (1 Kings 18:41-48).

Session 4: A Little Can Do a Lot

What we think limits us does not limit God, just as He used the Widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:8-26).

Session 5: It's Time To Rise Up

Like the lepers at the gate, sometimes we have to change our posture in order to moved forward and experience God’s provision (2 Kings 7:3-11).

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A note from Christine


My husband, Nick, surprised me on my 50th birthday with a Vespa. To
enjoy the gift, I had to take a motorcycle safety riding course and pass a
written exam.

“Keep your eyes straight ahead,” the safety instructor said. “Let your
peripheral vision do the work. Remember that where you look, you will go! I don’t want to see your head on a swivel. I don’t want to see you looking back. Eyes forward!”

Thanks to the instructor’s help, I passed the test and earned my license,
but one phrase from the instructor resounded in my head: Where you look, you will go.

This is not just true when riding a bike, but it’s true all throughout our
lives. I couldn’t help but think …

Where my mind goes, I will go.
Where my emotions go, I will go.
Where my spiritual focus goes, I will go.

But sometimes, like Lot’s wife, we’re tempted to look back (Genesis 19:26). Now that didn’t go well for her, and it rarely goes well for us. What’s more, looking back doesn’t enable us to go back, and more times than not, it just leaves us stuck. In a place. In a space. In a memory. In a habit. In a mindset. Maybe you’re feeling a little stuck in life now.

In the upcoming sessions, we’re going to explore the places where it’s easy, and all-too-common, to become stuck in life and the tools that we need to start moving forward again into the plans, purposes, and promises of God. I can’t wait to make this journey with you.

- Christine

Praise for Don't Look Back

"In Don't Look Back, Christine guides those of us who may be feeling stuck in pain and in the past yet are wanting to thrive while moving forward into a hopeful future."

lysa terkeurst headshot

Lysa TerKeurst

"Packed with spiritual wisdom and practical application, this book will equip and inspire you to take real steps of faith and live the life God intended for you."

Craig Groeschel

"Don't Look Back is bursting with the one thing everyone is in desperate need of these days: hope... I'm certain this book will change your life!"

Carlos Whittaker

Meet Christine Caine

Christine Caine is a speaker, activist, and bestselling author. She and her husband, Nick, founded the A21 Campaign, an anti–human trafficking organization. They also founded Propel Women, an initiative that is dedicated to coming alongside women all over the globe to activate their God-given purpose. You can tune into Christine’s weekly podcast, Equip & Empower, or her TBN television program to be encouraged with the hope of Jesus wherever you are. To learn more about Christine, visit her website.

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This study is currently underway, but there's still time to join us!

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