Update: Our For the Love Book Club has ended. Please contact our customer service team if you'd still like access to the book club printables. You can find all the archived book club videos on FaithGateway's YouTube Channel. Thanks!

For the Love Book Club with Jen Hatmaker

Friends, We just wrapped up taping four weeks of LIVE online Book Club videos for For the Love (#FTLBookClub) and I am super excited to offer all of these great resources to you on replay! You get access to the videos, discussion guides, printables, and all the stuff you need if you're reading the book on your own or starting a book club in your own home! This will be totally accessible to your friends no matter where they are at on faith. It will be less "Bible study" and more "book club." It is, in fact, a perfect excuse to gather your friends for four weeks and eat good food and drink good wine. Tell your husband it is FOR YOUR SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT. So sign up now and get all the goodies! You can get started anytime! ~ Jen

FREE Printables  & Downloads

  • FREE access to 4 book club videos with Jen
  • FREE "For the Love" discussion guide
  • FREE printable recipe - Jen's favorite chocolate cake
  • FREE printable invitation & other book club leader resources

Here are the freebies you get when you sign up


4 book club videos with Jen


Printable book club invitations


Jen's favorite chocolate cake recipe


Discussion questions and music playlist

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