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No rejection you face in this life is greater than the acceptance you have in Christ.

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Have you ever experienced a moment when you felt unaccepted?

Perhaps it was the way you dressed, your accent, or the color of your skin. When we sense that we’re unaccepted, it has this way of unraveling us from the inside out.

In Galatians: Accepted and Free, Jada Edwards shows why it’s so important to know in the deepest recesses of your soul that you are wholly and fully accepted in Christ, by Christ and, through Christ. From your birth, God has called and chosen you — yes, you!

This six-week journey through the book of Galatians will be a hopeful and supportive experience to help us understand the immeasurable acceptance we have in Christ that the Apostle Paul so passionately wanted the Galatians, and us centuries later, to understand.

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    Jada Edwards is an experienced author, speaker, Bible teacher, and mentor. She has committed her life to equipping women of all ages, regardless of marital status, with practical, biblical truth to help them live more genuine lives.

    Jada currently serves as the Creative Services Director for One Community Church, where she seeks to serve the evolving communities of Collin County through creative expression and cultural relevance.

    She is wife of Dr. Conway Edwards. They met at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship where Jada was heavily involved in the youth and singles ministries and Conway was the Director of Singles. As the “mommy” of Joah and Chloe, Jada enjoys spending time with her children, particularly around the dinner table.

    Praise for this Bible Study...

    This set is amazing!! The videos are JAM PACKED with enough nuggets to chew on for weeks all in a short 20 min video . This breakdown of Galatians has caused me to re-read it with new clarity!! The study guide is also a perfect accompaniment for both the group and individual study!

    Danis, Past Participant

    I am a member of One Community Church, in Plano, TX, where Jada's husband, Dr. Conway Edwards is the lead pastor. I also attend Jada's bi-monthly bible study's and annual women's conferences. She is a phenomenal teacher, mom, student of the Word and an all around great person! I will gladly buy any product she chooses to share with the world. She is a gifted speaker, writer and encourager! God bless her!

    Erica F., Past Participant

    I really enjoy the way this bible study was written. Plenty of scripture references.

    Monique L., Past Participant

    Love Jada and her openness and frankness about the Word of God.

    La W., Past Participant

    Who Is This Study For?

    Everyone. Whether you're an individual going through this with our online community, or you're a small group leader hosting the study in a church or home, this study is for anyone who wants to experience the fullness of acceptance they have in Christ through deep Scripture study.

    Will you join us? The OBS is May 10 - June 20, 2021 and registration is FREE!

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