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If you want to change your life, you first have to surrender it. You have to give it up.

You're invited to join the I Give Up Online Bible Study with Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and Bible teacher Laura Story to discover the peace and joy that can be found in living a surrendered life.

In this study you will learn:

- What it means to surrender in the Biblical context

- What exactly God is calling you to give up

- 10 aspects of Jesus' life and His humble surrender to inspire your own journey

and much, much more!

Can you actually gain your life by giving it up? Jesus said that the only way to truly live is to fully surrender your life to Him.

- Laura Story, I Give Up

About Your Teacher

Laura Story is a Bible teacher, worship leader, bestselling author and Grammy Award–winning singer/songwriter known for such hits as “Blessings,” “Indescribable,” and “Mighty to Save” .“Blessings” was certified gold in 2011 and inspired her first book, What If Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops.

Laura’s music and writing show God’s love and grace intersecting with real life and serve as a reminder that despite questions or circumstances, He is the ultimate author of our story, as told in her second book, When God Doesn’t Fix It.  She has a master’s degree in theological studies and a doctorate degree in worship studies. She has served as a worship leader at Perimeter Church in Atlanta since 2005, but her greatest joy is being a wife to Martin and mother to Josie, Ben, Griffin, and Timothy.

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Who Is This Study For?

Who is this study for? Everyone. Whether you're an individual going through this with our online community, or you're a small group leader hosting the study in a church or home, this study is for anyone who wants to take one step closer to living a life surrendered to God's will.

What Is God Calling You to Give Up?

Maybe you need to surrender your expectations for how you thought life would turn out?

Or attitudes in your heart that you need to surrender to God's will?

Or your finances, or material things, your worries about your children, or maybe even your fears—anything that you're holding too tightly and need to surrender to God's care?

For others it could be bad habits, or a longing for control of a situation that needs to be surrendered to God's plan.

Remember, surrender is unique to each person, and God may be calling you to give up something that He isn't calling someone else to give up.

In this study you'll learn to identify at least one area of your life that God is calling you to surrender and let go of your will and your way.

Your role is to choose surrender and abide; to believe and trust HE is creating something in you and through you that is more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Are you ready? Let's go!

In order to receive anything, our hands must be empty… begin the journey to a surrendered life.

- Laura Story, I Give Up

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