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Have you always wanted to create a family mission statement? Do you love those wall decorations that start out saying, "This Family Does... Hugs, Forgiveness, Prayers, etc." and want to make a declaration about your family's values? You can help shape your family's identity and begin to put to paper your dreams, goals, and prayers for your children with the FREE downloadable Strong and Kind: My Family Legacy Workbook from Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, designed by Jess Connolly of Naptime Diaries Shop (jessconnolly.com). Yes, we're giving away the entire downloadable, printable workbook for FREE with your registration to FaithGateway Family!

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A Note From Korie Robertson

What America needs today are parents who don’t just say they value these virtues but who live them and passionately and boldly teach them to their children. It’s up to me and you and every parent in America to make the necessary changes to give our children the opportunity to change the world. We do that by instilling good character traits in them so that they will be capable of being the adults our world needs.

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