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A study into the heart of Advent and the lives of four women in Jesus’ family tree

A study into the heart Advent and the lives of four women in Jesus’ family tree

A study into the heart Advent and the lives of four women in Jesus’ family tree

What can we learn from the women in Jesus' family tree?

Discover how four women —  Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, & Mary — changed the course of history in this special Advent study!

Using #1 New York Times bestselling author Shannon Bream's The Women of the Bible Speak Workbook, this special Advent study will help us posture our hearts as we prepare to celebrate Christ's birth and begin to see ourselves in the unique stories of these women in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Together, we'll unpack each woman's incredible story, paired with one of the four themes of Advent....    

Through the story of Tamar, see how God can redeem even the most impossible situation.

Through the story of Rahab, see how great bravery and peace can come at the most unexpected times and ways.

Through the story of Ruth, see how God's love provides and protects in miraculous ways. 

Through the story of Mary, see how in the midst of waiting and uncertainty, we can find joy.

What are we studying?

In this four-week Advent journey, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of each woman’s individual story and how her life points us back to the gift of Jesus and the themes of Advent. In each lesson we’ll 

  • Reflect on key moments in each woman’s life and connect with her story, 
  • Connect and consider how God in the Old Testament or Jesus in the New Testament responds to each woman and what this discloses about His character and how He responds to you.
  • Reveal specific character traits, responses to God, and acts of faith of each woman and similarities in your own life, and 
  • Pray and consider how the woman’s story ties into the work God is doing in your life right now. 

The same God who worked mightily in the lives of the women of the Bible is at work in yours, too. We’d love for you to join us this Christmas season as we journey through Advent and discover how no matter what your story holds, God can use you for His glory! 

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A note from
Shannon Bream

Shannon Bream is the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers The Women of the Bible Speak and The Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak, and the anchor of Fox News Channel's FOX News Sunday. 

Women are central to some of the most critical events, powerful encounters, and transformative moments in the Bible. They change the course of history.

In the study, you’ll explore the stories of four women and dig deep into their lives. You’ll find that these aren’t just characters from an ancient book. These are real people who lived and breathed and hoped and prayed. They cried and celebrated just like you.

They offered themselves as voices of truth and reason. They stepped boldly into impossible situations and played critical roles in saving countless lives and even nations.

We must remember that these aren’t fictional superheroes. They faced challenges much like the ones we face today: the pangs of loneliness, the sting of rejection, and the quiet ache of the soul. They, too, battled the disappointment and depression that comes with unfulfilled expectations and personal loss. Yet these extraordinary women rose above because God was their refuge.

In Him, they found hope and healing.

In Him, they found power and provision.

In Him, they found strength and sustenance.

And the same God who worked mightily in their lives is at work in yours, too. May you find comfort and hope as we make this journey together.

~ Shannon Bream

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This Online Bible Study is over but you can still get study materials in our store!

No matter what your story holds, God can use you for His glory! 

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