Week Four

Week Four Study

Read: Anything Chapters 8-10

Study: 1 Corinthians 15:12-32

Questions + Projects: Pages 224-231

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Jennie writes, In this week's chapters, I came to terms with what I have been living for and what I ultimately want to be living for. "I wanted to be right with God at the end of my life rather than right with all the people in it" (page 92). That decision came down to what I believed to be true about Christ. Zac was in the same place, ready for anything, and preached one of the most moving sermons I have ever heard on this passage we are about to study--helping us see that either God is not real and everything will go black when we die, or God is real and we need to get busy.

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Jennie Allen
Jennie Allen Bible Study Teacher and Founder, IF: Gathering

Have you had a bathroom floor moment? The moment when in one encounter your life vision, your heart direction, your focus, and your faith changes and you couldn't even go back again if you wanted to? It takes surrender. Share your stories or write about your own definition of surrender in this week's comments.

Laurie McClure
Laurie McClure Bible Study leader at FaithGateway | Editor, Faith.Full


Write your own definition of surrender. What is it? Have you ever had a "bathroom floor moment"? (page 77). Join the conversation this week.

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