Week Three

Week Three Study

Read: Anything Chapters 6-7

Study: 2 Corinthians 4:1-18

Questions + Projects: Pages 217-223

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Bravery and Courage

"The idea that we would actually hand it all over to God and say, 'Go. Build it. Do whatever you want with all I have'... it is terrifying" (page 52). It never stops being terrifying. It isn't the brave ones who pray this prayer, it's the ones who believe God. These days I hear a lot about bravery and courage. But no matter how risky my faith has become, I still have never once felt especially brave or courageous. The only thing that causes me to walk forward is having my eyes fixed on Jesus. The opposite of fear is not bravery and courage--the opposite of fear is faith.

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Jennie Allen
Jennie Allen Bible Study Teacher and Founder, IF: Gathering

Hi, I'm so looking forward to shepherding you through the #AnythingProject. You can read my Anything Story here. I'm praying for you as you begin your journey through this study! Join us in the discussion using the comments section below.

Laurie McClure
Laurie McClure Bible Study leader at FaithGateway | Editor, Faith.Full


This week we invite you to share your responses to a question that Jennie poses in Chapter 6 (page 55) of this week's reading. What are you most afraid of? What would be the very worst thing that God may allow you to suffer?

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